Looking for Something Extra Special?

You can choose any hide or fabric with our bespoke serviceIf you are looking for something extra special for your home, you may be interested to know we offer a bespoke service  for footstools, storage boxes and ottomans.  Whatever your requirements, we will be happy to talk you through every stage of the process and will advise you of all available options.

Maybe you are after a one of a kind ottoman and have a certain hide, and side cover or lining material in mind.  Perhaps you have seen a cowhide you have fallen in love with, and want to make it into your own unique footstool or storage box.

If you are looking for a particular size we can also help you out with your requirements.  Whatever you have in mind please do contact us, and we will be happy to help out.

Cowhide Ottoman – The Perfect Storage Solution

Cowhide Ottomans - Offer Ample StorageIf you are tired of losing that elusive remote, and want to find a practical and stylish storage solution for your newspapers, books and magazines, why not consider one of our stylish and practical cowhide ottoman’s

Not only are they stylish, but they are extremely versatile as well.  They can double up as a coffe table to place your favourite magazines, make a handy seat for the little ones, and of course are perfect for resting your feet on at the end of a long hard day.

We also offer a bespoke service for our ottomans so you can choose exactly which hide or fabric, you prefer.  All our ottomans are fully lined on the inside, and are handcrafted in the UK to the highest standards.