Coloured Cowhide

If you were under the impression that cowhide rugs only came in one colour then you are in for a surprise. The choice of colours and designs that are now available will blow you away - there are now cowhide rug options for every taste imaginable, and as no two rugs are the same you really can end up with something very special.

The more traditional colours are usually made up of various shades of white and brown and these really are stunning, especially when placed on a wooden floor.  Many people are surprised by how soft these rugs are, and there really is a place for them in every home.  It is uncommon to hear customers say that there isn’t anything that they like due to the diverse range that we have available.

We like to experiment with various funky colours which you would not initially associate with a cow hide but they are proving to be extremely popular and are featured in many of the latest interior design magazines. 

We stock the full range of coloured hides and animal prints and every one of our cowhide rugs have a certain style about them - they certainly make a strong focal point wherever they are placed.

There is now no setting that would not be suitable for any of these rugs, and we can only see them to be even more popular as time goes by, so get your hands on one of our cool designer cowhide rugs now!

Have You Earned Your Stripes?

The latest innovative technique of carefully stencilling zebra print onto cowhide is bringing a new ultra-chic style to home furnishings. 

The great thing about this innovation is you can now enjoy the stunning exotic zebra pattern guilt-free, while being safe in the knowledge the hide is a natural material which is a by-product of the beef industry.

The black and white striped pattern works particularly well with contemporary interiors, and fits in with most colour schemes from neutral to bright vivid colours.  The zebra hide footstool pictured above is on turned legs with castors, but there is an alternative straight mahogany leg option available if you prefer.

The demand for the latest African influenced zebra stripe trend continues to grow on and  off the catwalks, yet there is something striking about the black and white stripes which will remain a timeless classic for years to come.

Zebra Print Cowhide FootstoolYou can revive the look and feel of a plain looking room in an instant by simply adding a bold zebra print rug or footstool into your existing decor.

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