Summer Sale!

We have just launched our Summer Sale spectacular on our luxurious Columbian cowhide rugs.  Savings of up to 25% are currently available on our range of rugs, and with prices starting from only £179.00, now is the perfect time to treat your floors to a stylish and practical cowhide rug.

Cowhide is natural, chic,  family-friendly and is almost impossible to spoil.   All our stunning hides are despatched with fast free delivery as standard.  Visit our cowhide rug section to view the unbeatable prices in our fantastic Summer sale.

Using Cowhide In A Child’s Bedroom

Cowhide is a great material to use in children's roomsChildren absolutely adore cowhide and it is not difficult to see why.  There is nothing quite like lying down on a lovely soft cowhide rug, or sitting on a cosy cowhide footstool, and the softness of them makes it extremely difficult to get up again. 

It is becoming more common to see consumers buying these rugs for their children’s bedrooms as well as the lounge, hallway etc. and cowhide rugs really are ideal for this purpose. 

Don’t be put off by thinking that they will soon have stains all over them. You would be surprised how much care a child will take of one of these rugs in their bedroom and it is quite easy for children to become attached to them,  because of their soft texture.

If there is an accident, the cowhide rug is very resilient, and if you treat any spillages properly you will have no problems whatsoever. Be sure to tell your children to let you know straight away if they do have an accident and not to try and cover it up or treat it themselves.  For a spillage it is a simple case of soaking it up with some kitchen towel and then gently rubbing any marks that are left with a mixture of soap and warm water. Rub in the direction of the hair and you will be amazed how quickly any marks can be removed.

If the stain is of a more stubborn variety don’t be tempted to use anything that is abrasive to try and remove it or it could very well make matters worse.  

When you are placing the rug in the child’s bedroom you can’t really beat having it next to the bed. It is such a lovely feeling for them when they place their feet on the cowhide when they get out of bed, so nice in fact that the days of coaxing them to get out of bed in the morning will be a thing of the past!

Coloured Cowhide

If you were under the impression that cowhide rugs only came in one colour then you are in for a surprise. The choice of colours and designs that are now available will blow you away - there are now cowhide rug options for every taste imaginable, and as no two rugs are the same you really can end up with something very special.

The more traditional colours are usually made up of various shades of white and brown and these really are stunning, especially when placed on a wooden floor.  Many people are surprised by how soft these rugs are, and there really is a place for them in every home.  It is uncommon to hear customers say that there isn’t anything that they like due to the diverse range that we have available.

We like to experiment with various funky colours which you would not initially associate with a cow hide but they are proving to be extremely popular and are featured in many of the latest interior design magazines. 

We stock the full range of coloured hides and animal prints and every one of our cowhide rugs have a certain style about them - they certainly make a strong focal point wherever they are placed.

There is now no setting that would not be suitable for any of these rugs, and we can only see them to be even more popular as time goes by, so get your hands on one of our cool designer cowhide rugs now!

Tips for Placing Your Cowhide Rug

Cowhide Rug In Living RoomAfter buying your cowhide rug, you will probably want to to place it immeadiately, although you may wish to consider your options carefully, and decide which area is best suited to place your stunning new area rug.

It is a good idea to take appropriate measurements before ordering your rug so you have some idea of the size of the rug, and how it will fit in with your existing decor.  

If you chose one of the fresh, fun and funky coloured cowhides, it will last much longer and appear newer if  it is placed out of direct sunlight – this will help to avoid the possibility of fading.

Even though cowhide is an extremely hardwearing and durable material, your cowhide rug may be better suited to a lower traffic area, especially if you have an ultra-busy household with children and pets (and lots of muddy footprints)!  

After placing your cowhide rug you will notice there are probably some creases in it, although they do flatten out within a couple of days of the rug being placed.  It is possible to iron out the creases, providing the iron is set to a low temperature, although it is not usually necessary.  As an added safety precaution you should place a cloth between the cowhide and the iron to avoid any scorching to the hide.

If you want to try something a little bit different cowhides can also make great furniture throws for a chair, sofa or bed.  It will also add a different texture on furniture which can create a visually stunning  look –  a tip widely used by designers. 

If you can’t bear the thought of your stunning cowhide being trampled on, why not consider using it as a beautiful wall hanging.  Hanging a cowhide on a wall can be a dramatic accent piece to your room and will completely  transform the look and feel of your room. 

Wherever you choose to place your cowhide, whether it be next to the fireplace as a cosy area rug, or use it as a throw on your sofa you can rest assured this practical, hardwearing, eco-friendly material will look fantastic and give your home that added WOW factor.

The Perfect Rug

Cowhide RugNeed a little help choosing your perfect cowhide?  Read on for more information…

Cowhide rugs are fast becoming one of the must-have home accessories of the moment, and you only need to look in the latest editions of any interior design magazines to see how versatile and stylish cowhide rugs can be.

If you want to deck your home out with the latest designer accent piece, read on to ensure you know exactly what to look for when choosing your cowhide rug.

The most important thing when choosing a cowhide rug is to go to a reputable supplier of cowhides, this way you will ensure you are only getting the best quality cowhides which have been professionally treated.

Cowhides should be salted and tanned to prevent the cowhide from smelling, and to minimise malting. This will ensure your cowhide will last a lifetime, without losing it’s suppleness and sheen. It will also prevent the cowhide from cracking.

Before choosing a cowhide you should take measurements of the area where the rug is to go and make sure your chosen hide will fit the space proportionally well.

You will also want to consider your existing decor, and choose a hide which is suitably coloured to match. If your room is decorated in neutral shades you will probably want to stick to the natural hides in neutral browns.

For a bolder statement you may want to experiment with a coloured cowhide or even a stylish animal print, such as a zebra cowhide rug.  The animal print cowhides are carefully stencilled to look like hides from different animals, and look stunning in any room.