Cowhide Footstools – A Unique And Luxurious Addition To Your Home

Cowhide FootstoolWhen looking for a great way to provide your home with a sophistaced and classy look, why not consider a cowhide footstool to be your perfect solution. You will find that you can choose from many sizes and shapes of cowhide footstools so that you are able to have the perfect one to give your home the look that you are seeking.

No matter what type of decor you have in your home, you will be able to find a cowhide footstool that compliments your existing furnishing perfectly. Perhaps you have a black leather sofa, consider choosing a cowhide footstool that is covered in solid black or black and white cowhide to go with your sofa and provide a unique and stylish look to your living area.

Should your living area be decorated in crisp white, you can choose a pale cowhide stool or you might choose a cowhide footstool finished in white and black, or white and brown to add the perfect touch of colour and detail to the room.

No matter what type of furnishing you have, whether they are modern or traditional, finding a cowhide footstool that will compliment them will be simple. London Cows range of cowhide footstools can be found with both traditional and modern legs to make choosing the best one an easy task.

Perhaps placing a cowhide footstool at the end of your bed is something that appeals to you. You can choose from several different sizes that will allow you to place them just about anywhere in your home. Placing one at the end of your bed will allow you to have a great place to sit while putting on your shoes. You can choose one the length of your bed or you can choose on which will go in front of your favourite  armchair and look great. You might choose to place one in the corner just to add a beautiful touch of detail to  your bedroom or to any room.

Placing a cowhide footstool in your study will give your study a look that is classy and stylish. It will add that unique flair to the room that no other furnishing will be able to add. You’ll be amazed at how something so affordable can make such a drastic change to the look of a room.

Take advantage of what a cowhide footstool can do for the decor of your home or office and most likely you will be the envy of your friends. Your new cowhide footstool will add beauty and elegance to any room.

To view our entire range of cowhide footstools you can visit our footstool section or for further information you can call one of our friendly sales advisors today.

Cowhide Dining Chairs – Stylish & Versatile Pieces For Your Home

When you find yourself in need of dining chairs that are both stylish and versatile, why not consider choosing yourself a stunning set of cowhide dining chairs? You will find that these beautiful chairs will add a classy and stylish touch to any dining room or kitchen. You’ll be able to choose from an assortment of different colors so that you can choose the exact colour scheme that gives your dining area the look that you want.

Cowhide dining chairs are perfect for the kitchen and dining area for more than just looks, they are easy to clean too. If something is spilled or dropped on them, you can simply wipe them clean so that they have a like new appearance. You’ll find the best chairs to go with any dining table that you might have. No matter what size table you have, you’ll be able to choose the perfect chairs to fit around it for you family and for your guests.

You can also choose cowhide dining chairs to use at your desk or any type of work station in your home or office. Not only are they great looking, they are also comfortable. You can sit for hours in the cowhide dining chairs and feel as good hours later as you did when you first sat down.

One of our cowhide dining chairs are the perfect way to add a chic and stylish look to any room in your home. You’ll find that there are several different styles you can choose from. You might choose a carver chair so that you have a place to rest your arms or you can choose a cowhide dining chair with no arms just like other traditional dining chairs.
Cowhide dining chairs are made with only the most quality materials and are able to hold up through all of the traffic that you and your family might place on them. You’ll be able to enjoy their good looks for many years and you can also enjoy the look that they provide your home with. You’ll be able to have a dinner party as soon as your new chairs arrive and you have them in place so that you can show them off to your guests.
Your guests are going to love the way that these striking cowhide chairs add beauty and style to your home, and don’t be surprised when they’ll be needing to know where you purchased them so that they will be able to have their own cowhide chairs to compliment their home as well!

Prices start from £275.00 upwards. For more information click here.


Using Cowhide In A Child’s Bedroom

Cowhide is a great material to use in children's roomsChildren absolutely adore cowhide and it is not difficult to see why.  There is nothing quite like lying down on a lovely soft cowhide rug, or sitting on a cosy cowhide footstool, and the softness of them makes it extremely difficult to get up again. 

It is becoming more common to see consumers buying these rugs for their children’s bedrooms as well as the lounge, hallway etc. and cowhide rugs really are ideal for this purpose. 

Don’t be put off by thinking that they will soon have stains all over them. You would be surprised how much care a child will take of one of these rugs in their bedroom and it is quite easy for children to become attached to them,  because of their soft texture.

If there is an accident, the cowhide rug is very resilient, and if you treat any spillages properly you will have no problems whatsoever. Be sure to tell your children to let you know straight away if they do have an accident and not to try and cover it up or treat it themselves.  For a spillage it is a simple case of soaking it up with some kitchen towel and then gently rubbing any marks that are left with a mixture of soap and warm water. Rub in the direction of the hair and you will be amazed how quickly any marks can be removed.

If the stain is of a more stubborn variety don’t be tempted to use anything that is abrasive to try and remove it or it could very well make matters worse.  

When you are placing the rug in the child’s bedroom you can’t really beat having it next to the bed. It is such a lovely feeling for them when they place their feet on the cowhide when they get out of bed, so nice in fact that the days of coaxing them to get out of bed in the morning will be a thing of the past!

Cowhide Ottoman – The Perfect Storage Solution

Cowhide Ottomans - Offer Ample StorageIf you are tired of losing that elusive remote, and want to find a practical and stylish storage solution for your newspapers, books and magazines, why not consider one of our stylish and practical cowhide ottoman’s

Not only are they stylish, but they are extremely versatile as well.  They can double up as a coffe table to place your favourite magazines, make a handy seat for the little ones, and of course are perfect for resting your feet on at the end of a long hard day.

We also offer a bespoke service for our ottomans so you can choose exactly which hide or fabric, you prefer.  All our ottomans are fully lined on the inside, and are handcrafted in the UK to the highest standards.