Cowhide Dining Chairs – Stylish & Versatile Pieces For Your Home

When you find yourself in need of dining chairs that are both stylish and versatile, why not consider choosing yourself a stunning set of cowhide dining chairs? You will find that these beautiful chairs will add a classy and stylish touch to any dining room or kitchen. You’ll be able to choose from an assortment of different colors so that you can choose the exact colour scheme that gives your dining area the look that you want.

Cowhide dining chairs are perfect for the kitchen and dining area for more than just looks, they are easy to clean too. If something is spilled or dropped on them, you can simply wipe them clean so that they have a like new appearance. You’ll find the best chairs to go with any dining table that you might have. No matter what size table you have, you’ll be able to choose the perfect chairs to fit around it for you family and for your guests.

You can also choose cowhide dining chairs to use at your desk or any type of work station in your home or office. Not only are they great looking, they are also comfortable. You can sit for hours in the cowhide dining chairs and feel as good hours later as you did when you first sat down.

One of our cowhide dining chairs are the perfect way to add a chic and stylish look to any room in your home. You’ll find that there are several different styles you can choose from. You might choose a carver chair so that you have a place to rest your arms or you can choose a cowhide dining chair with no arms just like other traditional dining chairs.
Cowhide dining chairs are made with only the most quality materials and are able to hold up through all of the traffic that you and your family might place on them. You’ll be able to enjoy their good looks for many years and you can also enjoy the look that they provide your home with. You’ll be able to have a dinner party as soon as your new chairs arrive and you have them in place so that you can show them off to your guests.
Your guests are going to love the way that these striking cowhide chairs add beauty and style to your home, and don’t be surprised when they’ll be needing to know where you purchased them so that they will be able to have their own cowhide chairs to compliment their home as well!

Prices start from £275.00 upwards. For more information click here.


Coloured Cowhide

If you were under the impression that cowhide rugs only came in one colour then you are in for a surprise. The choice of colours and designs that are now available will blow you away - there are now cowhide rug options for every taste imaginable, and as no two rugs are the same you really can end up with something very special.

The more traditional colours are usually made up of various shades of white and brown and these really are stunning, especially when placed on a wooden floor.  Many people are surprised by how soft these rugs are, and there really is a place for them in every home.  It is uncommon to hear customers say that there isn’t anything that they like due to the diverse range that we have available.

We like to experiment with various funky colours which you would not initially associate with a cow hide but they are proving to be extremely popular and are featured in many of the latest interior design magazines. 

We stock the full range of coloured hides and animal prints and every one of our cowhide rugs have a certain style about them - they certainly make a strong focal point wherever they are placed.

There is now no setting that would not be suitable for any of these rugs, and we can only see them to be even more popular as time goes by, so get your hands on one of our cool designer cowhide rugs now!

A Splash of Colour

Purple Cowhide FootstoolWhen most people think of cowhide they picture the brown, black and white markings of natural cowhide.  Our stylish new range demonstrates cowhide does not have to be restricted to just natural shades, but is  now available in many different colours and finishes.

One of our firm favourites is this purple cowhide footstool, which will liven up your room with a wonderful splash of colour.

The best thing about using a brightly coloured accent piece, is the way it allows you to experiment without having to commit to a full colour scheme.

For the colour enthusiasts amongst you we have produced a gallery featuring some of our stunning coloured hides.  Our range includes the funky acid coloured cowhides for people who wish to make a bolder statement, as well as the exotic animal print hides shown below.

Animal Prints

Take a walk on the wild side with our exotic animal print footstools. The latest trend of animal prints is once again at the forefront of the interior design stage.

This gallery shows some of our range of fabulous exotic footstools to glam up your home.  Our stunning collection of animal print cowhide footstools is sure to delight even the pickiest of home designers. 

Aside from being glamorous these exotic pieces of furniture are practical and hardwearing, and require no special cleaning chemicals – they simply wipe clean.

Below is a selection of our range of animal print footstools, or you can see more cowhide footstools here