Reindeer Rugs

Reindeer Rug

We have recently added some beautiful reindeer skin rugs to our range.  Reindeer hides are soft and luxurious and come in varying shades of greys, cream and browns.  They are gorgeous, thick, deep pile hides making them ideal as a cosy furniture throw, or rug.

All our reindeer hides have been silicone treated so they are waterproof, making them ideal as an outdoor garden accessory. 

Perfect to use as a garden furniture throw, an outdoor rug for a deck or patio, or can be used as a stunning ‘Scandinavian-inspired’ outdoor wallhanging.  Reindeer hides are also great to take on camping trips to add an extra layer of warmth.

Reindeer skins are also perfect for use indoors, although they are not nearly as robust as cowhide rugs, and should be used in mainly low  foot traffic areas to preserve the longevity of the reindeer hide. 

Some shedding of the hide should be expected, because of the deep pile nature of the rug, but this can be kept to a minimum if you avoid walking or sitting on the hide.

To clean your reindeer hide you can either give it a light shake outdoors to remove any loose particles and to freshen it up, or you can vacuum it on the lowest setting with your vacuum cleaner attachment.