About Us

London Cows is a young company which specialises in cowhide furniture and accessories.  Formed in 2008, we are truly passionate about our handcrafted products which are all finished off to the highest possible standards.  Nothing we do is mass produced – everything is handcrafted right here in the UK.

The worldwide phenomenen of cowhide has been explained, by some as the consumer desire for more eco-friendly products, but we believe the appeal stems deeper than that. 

Cowhide offers something that other materials simply seem to miss – luxuriously soft and silky underfoot, incredibly versatile and easy to clean, and also a natural by-product of the beef industry which means there is less wastage in the world.

If you are new to the latest cowhide trend browse our stunning range, and we are sure you will soon become a cowhide ‘convert’.

All our hides come from Columbian cows, which are known to produce some of the best cowhides in the world.

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